Q-Tech & Tri-Polus Seminar

Indian Defence - Production & Procurement Compendium

Launch of Book
Defexpo Seminar

India's Defence Production Policy

The roadmap to Indigenisation

Release of “Transforming Indian Defence LogisticsSystem” a compilation by CII and Q-Tech Synergy by Defence Minister Sh. Manohar Parrikar at Def Expo-2016

DefExpo 2016
Compendium on AERO PLATFORMS

Released during Aero-India 2015

Latest Compendium

Indian Defence Land Systems

Interview of Mr. Ankur Gupta by Financial Express

'Make In India' For Defence Makes More Sense Than Buying Cheaper From Abroad

By Financial Express

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Product & Solutions From Express Clinic

Product & Solutions From Express Clinic


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Interview of Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Dr.Bhupinder Yadav by Rajya Shabha TV

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