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The prevalent extraordinary situation caused by spread of Coronavirus, has created worldwide healthcare and economic crisis with wide-ranging ramifications and is set to tip the global economy into a recession. The crisis-management needs robust and comprehensive national strategy, to tackle this unprecedented crisis. Any package...

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Defence Budget 2020-21: An Analysis

India needs to increase its defence allocation and committed funding through substantial Budget allocation to cover the procurements of new weapons and equipment besides adequately cover for the inflation.

The Union Budget for the financial year 2020-21, envisaged a total outlay of Rs 30,42,230...

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Private Sector in Defence: A Ray of Hope?

Government's aim to enhance domestic manufacturing through private sector participation is not backed up with orders. Therefore, an ATTITUDINAL CHANGE is a need of the hour. The Author discusses number of issues which are peculiar to defence industrial sector and pose challenge to...

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Achieving Self Reliance: Still A Long Way To Go

Self Reliance in Defence sector is the need of the hour as it holds vital importance for both strategic and economic reasons for any country. However, India has not been able to achieve the same despite tall claims by the Government-owned production units, hence,...

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Defence Exports on Rising Trajectory

The Indian defence export's graph has started mounting year-on-year. On one hand it is good for the country's foreign reserves; on the other hand it will surely benefit manufacturers as requirements of the Indian Armed Forces alone are unlikely to provide the economy of scale.
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Significant Changes in Draft DPP 2020

The Draft Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2020 has been released by MoD and has been put in public domain www.mod.in for seeking the inputs by 17 April 2020. The draft relating to amendment to DPM is still awaited. Three distinct aspects...

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Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

Though India has taken the ATGM development programme and have made limited headway in some of the technologies to develop ATGM comparable with the world-class systems, however, due to limitations in some of the critical technologies the project has not fully met the defence specifications.

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