Monthly Archives: October 2016

NBC Traning Facility to come up in INS Shivaji

Indian Navy’s premier technical training establishment, INS Shivaji is all set to get a state-of-the-art Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Training Facility, which will house a modern NBC emergency simulator and sophisticated laboratories for preparation of real time situations. The facility will include real-size structures, equipment and laboratories that will simulate the fallout of...

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Indian Army facing shortage & delays in arms acquisition

Indian Army is facing shortage and delays in acquisition of weapons. It needs basic items like assault rifles, high-end anti-aircraft missile systems and ammunitions. Army’s present ammunition inventory can barely last for just four days if India sustains an all-fronts war, whereas it is still using vintage Anti-Aircraft guns and there is no...

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Saab offers to build Radar system with India, with ToT

Saab Group has offered to co-produce its latest Gallium Nitride Active Electronically Scanned Array (GaN AESA) radar with the Indian defence firms with full technology transfer under the ‘Make in India’programme.  Saab has earlier offered this programme to India also, under the Tejas LCA programme. GaN gives higher power efficiently, higher output power...

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India to get 22 Harpoon missiles system from US

India has awarded US Company Boeing a $81 Million contract to supply 22 Harpoon missile systems for Indian Navy's Shishumar class submarines. The contract is the firm-fixed-price modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract to exercise an option for the procurement of 22 Lot 89 Harpoon missiles and associated containers and components for...

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India receives RD-33MK engines for MiG aircrafts

Russia's United Engine Corporation has delivered over 100 RD-33MK turbojet engines for the MiG-29 fighter aircraft used by the Indian Navy. The RD-33MK turbojet engine is a modernized version and has high thrust-to-weight ratio, low specific fuel consumption and is equipped with modern digital electronic management and control system.

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Army issues RFI for Assault Rifles

Indian Army has issued a global Request for Information (RFI) for procurement of new-generation 7.62mm x 51mm Assault Rifles. The total quantity required is approximately 1,85,000 Assault Rifles out of which the immediate requirement is of approximately 65000 rifles. Deliveries are slated within four months to twenty eight months from the day of...

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Tata to make floor beams & other components for HAL Sukhoi

Indian PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has approached Tata Group's TAL Manufacturing Solutions for making floor beams and other similar components for Sukhoi fighter aircraft. Earlier in 2014, both the companies’ entered into contract but that did not work out due to issues related to customs duty payable by TAL. This time HAL...

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DAC clears proposal worth Rs 1900 Crores

The Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC) has cleared the acquisition proposals worth Rs 1900 Crores for the modernization of Indian Armed Forces. These include:

  • Electronic warfare system for a mountain corps, worth Rs 330 Crores
  • Over 3,100 Konkurs antitank guided missiles, worth Rs 405 Crores for training purpose of the...
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