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Ammunition Life-Cycle Modelling

The shelf-life assessment and formulation of Life-cycle models of different types of ammunition, will assist in forecasting   appropriate time for use, replacement or renovation and prevent unacceptable risk involving safety and performance.

Quality and reliability of ammunition throughout its service life has been a...

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The New Era of Airborne Disruptive Technologies

Future wars will be a ‘Non Contact War (NCW)’ involving minimum manpower or physical contact of Armed Forces and to this aspect development of ‘Airborne Based Disruptive Technologies’ is fast gaining importance. The Author examines where the IAF...

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COVID-19 and Impact on Indian Defence Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic will push the Government to balance between economic stability, health care and geopolitical risk, and in the given environment, conservative spending in Defence is expected. The MoD needs to focus on realignment of needs...

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Achieving Self Reliance: Still A Long Way To Go

Self Reliance in Defence sector is the need of the hour as it holds vital importance for both strategic and economic reasons for any country. However, India has not been able to achieve the same despite tall claims by the Government-owned production units, hence,...

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Digital Transformation and Indian Defence Industry

'Industry 4.0' is  an approach that uses advanced technologies to control over the entire product lifecycle keeping in mind to make the entire process cost effective by reducing the production costs while improving product quality and production scalability and individualization by means of digitalization of...

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India’s Defence Budget 2019-20

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, presenting her maiden budget on July 05, 2019, kept unchanged the allocation provided to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the interim budget on February 01, at Rs 4,31,011 crore ($ 61.96 billion).1 Nonetheless, she changed the composition of the...

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Artillery Guns on Upward Trajectory

The recent induction of types of artillery guns signals a momentum for the Make in India in defence production. Besides boosting the artillery power of the Indian Army after almost 31 years, the indigenous production will equip units with cost-effective platforms and even open avenues...

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Innovations for Defence Excellence

The emerging dimensions of threats and the contingencies the global defence  landscape is expanding with enabling technologies having  potential to cause disruptive effects on military capabilities and geopolitical competitions.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Def Expo - 2018 mentioned new and emerging technologies like...

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